NATIONAL aquatics coach Eric Landa strongly believes that there is no place for doping, not only in swimming, but for every sport.

Landa’s passion towards the subject culminated in him helping the Brunei Darussalam Anti-Doping Committee (BDADC) hold a lecture for his swimmers and their parents two weeks ago .


“I was very surprised to hear from the BDADC that swimming was actually the first association that approached them with this request,” said Landa.

“Although we absolutely have no doping problems in swimming, I believe in being proactive and not in being reactive,” he said.

“We all know that at the end of last year, two young athletes were caught for doping… I was expecting that the two federations, who were clearly affected by the actions of these two individual athletes, to take immediate action to educate their other athletes.

“There is no place for doping in sports… We cannot be clear enough on that.

“I applaud BDNOC (Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council) for following through with a two year ban for these individuals.

“I hope many other federations will follow our example in educating the youth on this very important subject and to pledge to play true and say no to doping,” stressed Landa.


At the end of the two hour presentation, the national swimmers made a vocal and written pledge saying, “I’m an athlete who has the right to participate in a clean sport. I will uphold this right by competing in the spirit of the sport, by respecting my competitors, my sport and all those involved in my sporting endeavors. I will play true and say no to doping.”

Landa also shared with The Brunei Times that while he was going over the rules and regulations of doping, he noticed that under the civil law in Brunei, you cannot possess, use or traffic drugs.

“Some doping substances are in fact drugs… Performance enhancing drugs,” noted Landa.

“I would like to recommend to the responsible and capable parties to investigate if it would be possible to put doping under civil law to simplify punishing people for the usage, possession and administration of doping.

“I think this idea is worth looking into although I can see some things not being black and white because some forms of doping is in fact medication for very severe diseases.

“I know of some countries that have put doping under civil law and they have had a successful outcome in their battle against doping,” said the coach.

 Mainly eight offences under the anti-doping law were highlighted during the lecture on Aug 15.

They were the presence of a prohibited substance in an athlete’s sample, the use or attempted use of a prohibited substance, the refusal to submit to sample collection and failing to file the athlete’s whereabouts and missing a test.

It also included tampering with any part of the doping control process, possession of a prohibited substance, trafficking of any prohibited substance and administering or attempting to administer a prohibited substance to an athlete.

During the talk Landa and BDADC also spoke on why they were strongly against the use of supplements, due to the risk of contamination.

BDADC also touched on other topics related to doping, such as testing methods and responsibility of athletes and coaches to make sure aquatics remain a pure and clean sport.

Christian Nikles swims to 4 New National Records.
From 17-22 June 2014 the 2nd South East Asian Swimming Competition is organised by the SEA-Swimming Federation.
The first edition on this competition was organised in 2012, now in 2014 and the next will be in 2016.
It alternates with the SEA Games, one year SEA Games, the other year SEA-Swimming Championships, etc.
This way the idea is to provide the aquatics sports athletes with a senior competition every year.

The sports tournament being organised are swimming, waterpolo, diving and synchronised swimming and the venue is the NEW Singapore Sports Hub, the same venue as for the 2015 Singapore SEA GAMES.
SEA Championships photo
3 swimmers are here to compete for Brunei. Christian Nikles, Muhammad Isa Ahmad and Tiara Shahril Anwar.
This is also the 3rd competition in 3 weeks for the trio as they competed in the SEA-Age Group Swimming Championships in Singapore 6-8 June, then the Brunei Interclub Swimming Championships 13-15 June in Brunei and now the SEA Swimming Championships 17-22 June in Singapore.

After 5 days of competition in Singapore the balance can be made up for the Brunei National Swimming Team.
Despite some misfortune with swimmer Tiara Shahril Anwar being sick at the meet and swimmers Muhammad Isa Ahmad and Christian Nikles just having finished their International school exams (ISB) a week ago, which had had some impact on their training attendance, the conclusion is:
*All 3 swimmers finished in the top 8 or better in one or more events at SEA level, which is a good indication at this stage exactly one year from now when the SEA Games are going to be held in July 2015 at the same venue in Singapore with largely the same swimmers (top 8 swimmers will be able to swim in the finals)
*Christian Nikles continues to show his good form even after a reduced training regime (due to school examinations) with 4 National records (2 OPEN and 2 AGE GROUP) at this competition.
Below are the result from day to day
Wednesday 18-06-2014
Tiara Shahril Anwar finishes 11th in the 100m freestyle in a time of 1:02.39 and 7th in the 50m butterfly in a time of 32.41.
Christian Nikles finished 6th in the 50m backstroke in a time of 28.96 which is a new National OPEN and New National AGE GROUP record bettering his own time of 29.26 from 23 Nov. 2013

Thursday 19-06-2014

Muhammad Isa Ahmad finished 7th in the 200m breaststroke in a time of 2.35.95
Christian Nikles finished 8th in the 50m freestyle in a time of 25.33
Friday 20 June 2014
Christian Nikles finishes 9th in the 100m butterfly fly in a time of 1.00.54
Tiara Shahril Anwar  finishes 8th in the 200m freestyle in a time of 2.14.97
Muhammad Isa Ahmad finishes 9th in the 100m breaststroke in a time of 1.10.28
Saturday 21 June 2014
Christian Nikles finishes 13th in the 100m freestyle in a time of 56.35
Christian Nikles finishes 7th in the 50m butterfly in a time of 27.02, which is a new NATIONAL OPEN and new NATIONAL AGE GROUP record bettering his own time of 27.03 (!) from 8 June 2013
Sunday 22 June 2014
Tiara Shahril Anwar finishes 7th in the 50m freestyle in a time of 28.52 (which is a personal best time)
Muhammad Isa Ahmad finishes 7th in the 50m breaststroke in a time of 31.71
We came here with a clear goal in mind. We want to compete at the SEA GAMES 2015, and according to our long term athlete development plan started by Headcoach Eric Landa on his arrival in 2011 we should now be top 8 (which means, you qualify for the finals) in South East Asia in order to deserve to represent your country at the 2015 SEA GAMES.
And indeed this is what we have achieved.
Could we have done better should Tiara not have become sick during the meet and the 2 boys did not have exams leading up to this meet…? Yeah probably they would have gone a bit faster… but you know, none of us likes to use any excuses for anything, it is what it is…you do with what you’ve got, you swim as fast as you can and at the finish line you see if it was enough or not. So in light of the above we are satisfied with the placing although we would have liked to go a bit faster for certain events.

articles150614RID-150614BASASwim-013.transformedJerudong Swimming Club were crowned overall champions after recording a total of 964 points, followed by the ISB Hammerheads in second with 746 points.  Dolphin Swimming Club finished third place with 480 while Tutong Swimming Training Scheme were fourth with 222 points.  MICIA Swimming Team were fifth after recording 99 points while Brunei Speed Swimming Club finished last with 27 points.

dep sultan

Gracing the event the event yesterday were Deputy Sultan His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, Her Royal Highness Paduka Seri Pg Anak Isteri Pg Anak Sarah and Her Royal Highness Princess Muneerah Madhul Bolkiah.

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Muntaqim ended the 2nd Brunei Interclub Swimming Championships with another gold yesterday after finishing first in the 50m freestyle event at the National Aquatics Centre at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex in Berakas.

Competing under the banner of the ISB Hammerheads, HRH Prince ‘Abdul Muntaqim also won “The Most Valuable Swimmer” medal in his age group.

dep sultan

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Muntaqim won the 50m backstroke on Saturday and 100m freestyle event on Friday. He competed in all five events available for the 7-year-old age group – 50m breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle as well as the 100m freestyle race. He finished second in his 50m butterfly and third in his 50m breaststroke events on Friday.


Present to hand the prizes to the winners was Brunei Amateur Swimming Association (BASA) president Aziz Latif. Also present at the event yesterday was the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Laila Diraja Dato Seri Setia Hj Hazair Hj Abdullah.

Almost 100 swimmers from six local clubs – Brunei Speed Swimming Club, Dolphin Swimming Club, ISB Hammerheads, Jerudong Swimming Club, Tutong Swimming Training Scheme and MICIA Swimming Team – were vying for top honours at the tournament.

On Sunday 8 June 2014, 47 swimmers gathered with their respective coaches to be tested under the LTS-Brunei Learn to Swim certification system. It’s a free of charge service developed by National Headcoach Eric Landa, to get more Bruneian swimmers to learn how to swim properly for safety and pleasure.

DSC08440Every year we conduct 2-3 of these sessions and today is the first day we did it in Tutong.
46 swimmers succeeded. 15 from Dolphin swimming club Bandar, 29 from SLR Tutong and 3 from SLR Temburong.

The Learn to Swim Brunei program consists of 7 different levels and this time the team tested levels 1-4. The breakdown was 3 in level 1, 13 level 2, 11 level 3 and 19 level 4.

It is good to see the other districts like Tutong and Temburong coming along and getting tested also.

The wait is now for JBS to finally endorse the coach in KB, at the Mumong pool. I’ve been requesting this since 2011 so I’m hoping they will finally come along… Learning to swim and safe yourself in the water is a skill for life which is the greatest gift you can give anybody young or old.

The next LTS certification day will take place again in Bandar and will be for levels 5-7, this will happen after Raya.

I’m pleased to also share with you that after Raya we will start a follow up of the Learn to swim which will be a LTT (Learn to train). We will cal it COE-MINI squad and it will take place 3x a week 7-8:30PM. This is to groom the next generation of swimmers in the sultanate.

After 3 days of swimming and competing at the Singapore Sports School, Brunei was left empty handed, no medals for Brunei at the South East Asian Age Group Championships in 2014. Also Laos and Cambodia were like Brunei left empty handed. The team managed to get 7 new National records, 6 Age Group records and 1 OPEN record (Ashley Chai 200 backstroke)

photo 3

Picture from left to right (Muh. Isa, Tiara, Christian, Haziq, Ashley).








Please find the results below:

Ashley Chai 100 back NEW NAT. AG RECORD 1.13.76, previous record was Maria Grace Koh, 1.16.25 (26-09-2005)
Ashely Chai 200 back NEW NAT. AG RECORD 2.41.12, previous record was Ashley Chai 2.49.11 (24-11-2013)
Ashley Chai 200 back NEW NAT. OPEN RECORD 2.41.12, previous record was Nur Hamizah Ahmad 2.42.32 (12-04-2012)
Ashley Chai 50 back NEW NAT. AG RECORD 33.81, previous record was 50 Ashley Chai 34.06 (19-04-2014)

Nur Haziq Samil 400 free NEW NAT. AG RECORD 4.46.01, previous record was Christian Nikles, 4.47.99 (07-08-2010)
Nur Haziq Samil 100 back NEW NAT. AG RECORD 1.09.94, previous record was Nur Haziq Samil, 1.11.28 (18-04-2014)
Nur Haziq Samil 200 back NEW NAT. AG RECORD 2.30.20, previous record was Nur Haziq Samil 2.32.09 (20-04-2014)

As much as I would like to say this was a fantastic championships for Brunei, it wasn’t for all swimmers. Both Ashley and Haziq did perform well according to plan (Ashley set 3 AG and 1 OPEN record) (Haziq set 3 AG records) and I’m happy with that. It’s good to see the next generation nocking on the door and good to see Ashley breaking her first OPEN record. I would say, keep going and pushing yourself, let this be the beginning….

The older swimmers, Tiara, Muh. Isa and Christian did not perform too well. In the case of the two boys its is clear that school exams did play a huge part in their preparation as they have not been able to train 100% of the sessions due to examinations for the past 2 months, and then it simply became a matter of priorities, are your priorities with school or with swimming. The results speak for itself..

For Tiara we have to rethink her preparation and make some changes to ensure the next performance jump as this will be much needed in the nearby future for her to keep the other competitors in sight.

Next for the team are the Brunei InterClub Swimming Championships 13-14-15 June and then the South East Asian OPEN Swimming Championships from 17-22 June 2014.

21 times a record was broken during the 22nd Brunei Age Group Swimming Championships  18-19-20 April 2014.

Since some of the records were broken 2 x (Both Nur Haziq Samil and Tiara Shahril Anwar broke the 800m freestyle records during the 1500m as an 800m split time and eventually broke that time again on the last day during their actual 800m freestyle race) there were eventually 18 NEW NATIONAL RECORDS to be recorded in the record books.


Record breakers were:

Muhammad Isa Ahmad (ISB), Christian Nikles (ISB), Nathaniel Nikles (ISB), Nur Haziq Samil (MSCIA), Tiara Shahril Anwar (JSC) & Ashley Chai (RBRC)


Note also that Muhammad, Christian, Nathaniel Haziq and Tiara train full time in the COE-Brunei (Centre of Excellence).


Miri Amateur Swimming Association won the 11-team meet with 39 gold, 26 silver and 23 bronze medals, the Royal Brunei Recreation Club were second on 23 gold, 20 silver and 20 bronze medals while Dolphin Swimming Team were third with 11 gold, nine silver and 14 bronze medals.

217  swimmers took part in the event held at the Aquatics Centre of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex in Berakas

Complet results can be found here: BAG 2014, full results

New National records:

1) Tiara Shahril Anwar 1500 free OPEN RECORD 19.05.55 (previous record Tiara Shahril Anwar 19.45.88 at 22 nov. 2013)

2) Tiara Shahril Anwar 1500 free Age Group RECORD 16-18 19.05.55 (no previous records on file)

3) Tiara Shahril Anwar 800 free OPEN  RECORD 10:08.66 (Split time 1500m) (previous record Amdan Liew 10:14.39 at 25 June 2010)

4) Tiara Shahril Anwar 800 free Age Group RECORD 10:08.66 16-18 (Split time 1500m) (previous record Tiara Shahril Anwar 10:15.25 at 24 Nov. 2013)

3) Nur Haziq Samil 1500 free Age Group RECORD 12-13 19.04.10 (previous record Desmond Lee Edward 19.08.43 at 28 Nov. 2008)

6) Nur Haziq Samil 800 free age group RECORD 12-13 10:00.64 (Split Time 1500m) (no previous records on file)

4) Nur Haziq Samil 100 back age group RECORD 12-13 1.11.28 (previous record Nur Haziq Samil 1.12.58 at 22 Nov. 2013)

5) Muhammad Isa Ahmad 100 breast OPEN RECORD 31.23 (previous record was Mhd. Isa Ahmad 31.26 at 22 Nov. 2013)

6) Muhammad Isa Ahmad 100 breast age group RECORD 16-18 31.23 (previous record was Muhd. Isa Ahmad 31.50 at 21 March 2014)

7) Tiara Shahril Anwar: 400 free new  National OPEN record: 4.48.14 (previous record was 4.50.33 by Tiara Shahril Anwar from 23 Nov. 2013)

8) Tiara Shahril Anwar: 400 free new National Age Group record group 1: 4.48.14 (previous record was 4.50.33 by Tiara Shahril Anwar from 23 Nov. 2013)

9) Ashley Chai: 50 back new Age Group record group 3: 34.06 (previous record was Ashley Chai 34.53 from 9 June 2013)

10) Tiara Shahril Anwar: 800 free new National OPEN record: 9.53.37 (previous record was 10:08.66 by Tiara Shahril Anwar from 18 April 2014 as a 800m split time in the 1500m free)

11) Tiara Shahril Anwar: 800 free new National Age Group (1) record: 9.53.37 (previous record was 10:08.66 by Tiara Shahril Anwar from 18 April 2014 as a 800m split time in the 1500m free)

12) Nathaniel Nikles: 800 free new National OPEN record: 9.29.82 (previous record was 9:30.85 by Nathaniel Nikles from 24 November 2013)

13) Nathaniel Nikles: 800 free new National Age Group (1) record: 9.29.82 (no previous Age Group record on file)

14) Nur Haziq Samil: 800 free new National Age Group (3) record: 10:00.49 (previous record was 10:00.64 by Nur Haziq Samil from 18 April 2014 as a 800m split time in the 1500m free)

15) Muhammad Isa Ahmad: 100 breast new National Age Group (1) record: 1.08.08 (previous record was 1.09.19 by Muhammad Isa Ahmad from 20 March 2013)

16) Nur Haziq Samil: 200 back new National Age Group (3) record: 2.32.09 (previous record was 2.39.99 by Nur Haziq Samil from 24 November 2013)

17) Christian Nikles: 200 back new National OPEN record: 2.23.17 (previous record was 2.23.79 by Fadillah Ismail from 8 August 1999)

 18) Christian Nikles: 200 back new National Age Group (1) record: 2.23.17 (previous record was 2.24.21 by Fadillah Ismail from 8 August 1999)

22nd BAG logo

BASA (Brunei Amateur Swimming Association) to organise 22nd BAG

From 18-20 April 2014 the 22nd Brunei Age Group Swimming Competition will be held at the National Stadium Swimming Pool in Berakas

This BAG is the annual Age Group Swimming Championship of Brunei, and has attracted a record 217 swimmers from 11 clubs (8 Bruneian and 3 international), competing in 1264 individual events and 22 entries over an exciting 3 days of competitive racing.  This event  features some of Brunei’s top swimmers, as well as our up and coming talent.  The competition includes a wide range of distances and stroken, from long distance 1500m freestyle  (30 lengths of the stadium pool), to the short 50m “sprints” in all 4 strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke).

Complete Rules and Regulations: Rules and Regulations BAG 2014
Meet program for 22nd BAG: meet program – 22bag – 18 april 2014
Psych Sheets for 22nd BAG: psych sheet – 22bag
Time Table for the 22nd BAG: session report – 22bag
Rules and explanation regarding approved swimwear: Swimwear rules since 2010
22nd BAG logo


During the 45th Singapore Age Group Swimming Championships of 18-23 March 2014 3 Bruneian swimmers took part at the competition. Christian Nikles, Muhammad Isa Ahmad & Tiara Shahril Anwar.

5 National records (AG and/or OPEN) were bettered during the competition:

1-2) Tiara Shahril Anwar 200 free 2.13.50, her PB and NR’s were 2.16.27, (New NR group 1 & New NR OPEN)

3) Muhamad Isa Ahmad 100 breast 1.09.19, New NR 16-18, (was 1.11.97 by Christian Nikles 7 April 2013)

4) Muhamad Isa Ahmad 50 breast 31.50, (New NR 16-18, was 31.77 by Christian Nikles 22 Nov. 2013)

5) Muhamad Isa Ahmad 200 breast 2:33.56, (New NR 16-18, (was 2.43.53 by Aliff Ali, 30 Nov. 2008)

Full results of the competition can be found here: full results(seniors)



KELAB Renang Pujut Miri (KRPM) were crowned the champions of the Brunei 7-9 Years Swimming Championship at the Mumong Sports Complex in Kuala Belait on Sunday.

They bagged a total of six gold, two silver and one bronze medals to finish at the top of the 11-team competition.

Jerudong Swimming Club bagged second spot with five gold six silver and four bronze medals while Miri Amateur Swimming Association followed closely behind with five gold and three bronze medals.

ISB Hammerheads occupied the fourth spot with four gold, five silver and three bronze medals while Royal Brunei Recreational Club (RBRC) earned fifth position with their haul of three gold, five silver and one bronze medals.

articlesPrince_swim.transformedHis Royal Highness Prince Abd Muntaqim also got in on the action for ISB Hammerheads where he won a silver medal in the Boys 25-metre freestyle (seven years) event with a time of 27.77s.

His previous best in the event was 32.14s from the last edition in October.

HRH also achieved a new personal best time in the 25m breaststroke event with a time of 48.27s. His previous time was 58.22s.


A total of 110 swimmers took part in the one-day tournament and two meet records were broken.

Jovyn Lau of KPRM completed the Girls 25m Butterfly (eight years) event with a time of 17.56s to beat the old time of 19.48s set by Andra Chai.

The other record was set by Kirsten Chong of Gymkhana Club Miri in the Girls 25m breaststroke (nine years) event with her time of 23.02s.

The previous record was also held by Chai with the recorded time of 23.38s.

Organised by the Brunei Amateur Swimming Association (BASA), the other teams that took part in the tournament were Dolphin Swimming Club, Gymkhana Club Miri, Hornbill School Swimming, Panaga Stingrays, Tutong Swimming Scheme and Micia Swim Team.

articles1508164_585754461499449_255707156_n.transformedIt is also highlighted that the Learn to Swim (LTS) programmes will begin in Mumong soon, with Belait being the last district in the Sultanate to receive a swimming scheme.

Complete results can be downloaded here: 789yrs meet results – final




On 16 February the first swimming competition of 2014 kicks of at the Mumong swimming pool in KB.

The competition is open to swimmers age 7-9 years old and so far 110 swimmers from 11 clubs have entered the competition.

More info can be found here: 7-9 years – Rules & Regulations Jan 16 2014

swimming-20underwater copy